Living into the Future

As a collective of educators and innovators EarthRestoration is attempting to model a funding mechanism for organized restorations of ecosystems (Large Scale and Anthropogenic) in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. This is strategically implemented an integrated context whereby communities who are capable to live in a traditional manner (RURALS)  are supported to do so, building naturally adaptive resiliencies in order to survive the wake of modern development and its many restraints (URBANS). 
This does not mean the RURALS are poor and underprivileged, but in fact can contribute immensely to existing national and international objectives such as increasing contributions to the atmosphere / mitigation of GHG’s / increasing natural productivity in SOIL / Increasing green canopy cover etc.
Agrarian societies with long histories possess the credibility of having sustained themselves successfully under the rigor of survival in a natural world. The concern for the future is that the model chosen for sustaining future global agrarian society is an energy and resource demanding production system. No investment is being put into developing traditional societies.
A call of action for you to participate 
1. Invest in CPES + 
Benefiting from the development of these landscapes [link to new projects pages]
2. Blog with us : Send your writings to our network panels comprised of Scientists / Organizations and Concerned Citizens who identify that healthy environments are vital for human survival 
3. Develop the skills to help the Earth recover : We host research students and exchanges that collaborate new and innovative means to improve the qualitative state of our Biosphere [ link to PES page]
4. Rewarding those who are contributing to the above : Participate to offer rewards for those who are responsible by their consumptions and show that your business promotes green innovation and responsible business ethics. 
Please feel free to expand this discussion based on your own expertise in what you do, and  by sharing how you are surviving today.
Together we can begin to define a better more conducive future for all of life on this planet.
ER, 2020

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