Caryota urens

Common name in Sri Lanka is Kitul tree

PES Database

Common Name(s)  Kithul/ Fishtail palm
Botanical Name  Caryota urens
Origin of species  Native
Family  Arecaceae
AF notation / physiognomy  P7
Plant reference # on ER Plant DATABASE  37
Photosynthetic Biomass
-Weight per leaf -16.7g (at age four)
-Leaf cycle -Perennial
-Length -3.5 m
-Width -2.5 -3 m
Conservation Status
Growth Rate  Slow
Crown type
Propagation method  Seed
Root type  Fibrous moderate root
Preferred Soils  Sandy loam
Impact on Soil
Salinity tolerance
Human uses  Jaggary, toddy,
Economic Importance  Jaggary, sago, medicine, timber, toddy
Distribution  Wet lowland in south and west Sri Lanka
Light preferences  Semi shade
Flowering time  Throughout the year
Flower Color  Cream
Fruit type  Dry fruit