The act of investing in BioCurrency would immediately begin to replace the Oxygen and Clean Water consumed by our industrial lifestyles.

EarthRestoration is creating a new standard for responsible consumptions!

This living wealth ‘farmed’ in a traditional manner is our alternative to existing currencies, both digital and fiat backed for the impact it demonstrates to have on living ecosystems.

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LifeForce PES Ledger

The magic of Photosynthesis.

The quality of air we breathe, the waters that flow, the health of oceans, old growth forests and topsoil are borne of Photosynthesis. The actions of Photosynthesis termed Primary Ecosystem Services [PES] can be verified for the first time using LifeForce wealth ledgers

Oxygen produced, evapotranspiration of ground water, Carbon fixed

These 3 elements critical for human existence!

*While we accept that fixing carbon is a PES, we are aware of the difference in isotopes for Fossil derived vs Biologically derived CO2, and therefore are unable to verify this as BioCurrency on the LifeForce ledger

The ER Foundation advocates a biological economy that is concerned with increasing photosynthesis of trees and terrestrial ecosystems. We collaborate partnerships to grow forests Analog Forestry that increase terrestrial productivity of PES in order to prevent ongoing extinctions and support high Biomass : Biodiversity ratios on Earth.



Primary Ecosystem Services (PES) are the products of Photosynthesis. Oxygen production, evapotranspiration of ground water, and the capture of carbon over time. These 3 elements critical for human existence.

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Photosynthetic Biomass (PB) : AKA the leaves on trees. We see ‘tree-farming’ as a valuable action for quantifying contributions to the Atmosphere. Every leaf has a value as long as it is living. LifeForce begins to record this values as the trees grows and doubles its weight in leaves.

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Anyone can participate to grow forests and gain BioCurrency (tax deductible). Our goal in 2020 is to restore 100 hectares of Mangrove Forests in Myanmar, and improve the livelihoods of 250  individual low income citizens in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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It is our vision to create an economic system that is positively correlated with the quality of life and diversity on this planet. LifeForce is the worlds first BioCurrency. The system uses the weight of  Photosynthetic Biomass (PB) to unlock new wealth in a scientific manner.

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Nature of
Our Business

The primary objectives of our solution is to increase surface area available for Photosynthesis, thus increasing biological energy capital in a post-fossil era.

Our global impact initiative is to restore PES [Oxygen and pure water consumptions] via Analog Forestry and by designing tree-dominated landscapes.

One motorcar operating for one minute consumes 45,000 times the Oxygen a person consumes in that time, while also polluting Green House Gases (GHG’s) : modern living is sometimes a double whammy to ecosystem Earth.

Replacing our consumptions alongside offsets will demand new standards of sociatal responsibility. It is in this spirit that we wish to reward ‘prosumers’

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The only thing that can put Oxygen back to our atmosphere is living Photosynthetic Biomass, AKA : “the leaves on trees”

When we restore large-scale mangrove ecosystems and repatriate values to the atmosphere, these actions have the capacity to build new value chains for supporting livelihoods and communities attempting to live life in traditional ways.

Nature of
Our Business

The primary objective of our solution is to
increase the surface area for photosynthesis

In the wake of demands for climate action, a new initiative to replace the Oxygen consumption of our industrial lifestyles has been launched by EarthRestoration.

Global Oxygen Decline*

One motorcar operating for one minute consumes 45,000 times the Oxygen a person consumes!

Industry consumes 10 times more Oxygen and Clean Water all of humanity!

We must all understand that Oxygen is limited and being consumed unsustainably!

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The only thing that can put Oxygen back to our atmosphere are living plants through their PB component.

Currently leaves provide a surface area about 4.3 times the total surface area of land on the planet giving us more surface area than Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system), but this is falling rapidly.